About Us

Roskosz is a place where history meets the present. Here, because the former farm taken over by Catherine Radziwill of Sobieski, rebuilt in the Baroque spirit, was Training and Recreation Center. Roskosz is not just a name, it is a delight to the soul, eyes, ears and palate. Setting the historic park are an integral part of the manor and park complex, at any time of the year giving it special and unique character, providing ideal conditions for work and rest.

roskosz biała podlaska

Manor in Roskosz

On the basis of restored buildings and stables Manor Cugowej resulting conference and seminar with professional multimedia and audio-visual equipment – all participants are waiting for conferences, seminars and meetings. Comfortable and functional rooms provide perfect conditions for relaxation. Excellent cuisine will satisfy the most delicate palates.

Less formally you can spend time in the wine cellar, bar, nightclub, or closer to nature, with a spit, a grill or campfire. A recreation center prepared for about 500 people, is a place where time Combining the band made ​​up of the same celebrities in the world of music: lark, the nightingale, wagtail, etc. And the next day for sports: football, volleyball ….