We invite you to visit our park and learn about the content of the educational trail marked out at the Manor Park Complex in Roskosz, thanks to which we have the possibility of direct contact with nature, as well as broadening knowledge about the natural environment.

We want, thanks to individual or group meetings with nature in Roskosz, to be accompanied by:

  • shaping wise and skilful co-existence with nature
  • developing conscious nature protection activities
  • developing care and responsibility for current and future quality of life on earth
  • perception of factors conducive to and threatening the development of the environment

We hope that the effect of such classes will be:

  • increasing ecological awareness of children, adolescents and their parents living in an urban and rural environment near interesting recreational places
  • encouraging direct contact with nature
  • sensitizing to the beauty of the surrounding nature, acquiring habits of respecting it
  • perception of threats in the natural environment
  • learning about biocenoses discussed in the curricula and their fauna and flora

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